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January 8, 2014

Organise typewriter magnetic letters

Some of my favourite things at the moment: chevron flooring, new products at House Doctor DK, new year re-organisation of space, decision time for decorating and Dorset cereals gingerbread porridge.

  1. I am totally and utterly in love with this chevron flooring from the signature collection by Amtico. Its so fresh, interesting and cheerful. I will never afford it but I’m glad that it exists!amtico chevron flooring - signature collection
  2. Once the Christmas decorations and tinsel-y clutter have been cleared away in the new year you really start to see your home space in a fresh new light. I love the start of a new year with its accompanying period of reflection and implementation of plans from the grand to the mundane.                                                                                                                                                         Its always a time that finds me busily scrawling down notes and ideas, clearing things out and re-organising. In the first week of this year I have impressed myself with my motivation to move furniture around, rethink and organise the way we use things, decide on a colour for the bathroom, paint it, choose our floor tiles, take up some minor attempts at drawing, plan some crafts and clear out my wardrobe. I have thus started my year feeling decidedly smug!Organise typewriter magnetic letters
  3. There are very few companies whose high end but still almost affordable designs I love more than Danish firm House Doctor DK. We have one piece of furniture from their collections and many, many smaller items. I have been joyfully perusing their new wares for 2014 and could happily buy everything! The most comprehensive UK Stockists of House Doctor are: Design Vintage, Flitty Bird, Bodie & Fou& Rose & Grey, but you can find a lot of their stuff dotted around many high street interiors mecca’s. These are my top picks from the Spring 2014 pile:                                                                                                                                                                    House Doctor DK Brass and Silver Craft scissors with canvas pouch House Doctor DK Gold Asymetric Light Pendant House Doctor DK Industrial Desk lamp House Doctor DK Clinic Trolley Side Table House Doctor DK Concrete Tumbler House Doctor DK Bertie Sidetable Hpuse Doctor Dk White Dot Ceramic Vase House Doctor DK Vintage Silver Teapoon House doctor DK Jewelry Trays
  4. I’m not usually much of a breakfast girl but on cold, wet, winter days there is nothing nicer than waking up on a day off with a cosy breakfast whilst you mull over the day ahead (and sometimes watch your cat try to catch spiders from the wrong side of the window pane!). I really, really rate this gingerbread porridge from Dorset Cereal Co. It’s my favourite breakfast staple, one day I’m going to stop being lazy and just add the gingerbread ingredients to ordinary porridge myself but for now I celebrate its perfectly packaged laziness.Dorset Cereals Gingerbread Porridge