Window Dressing : Striking Designs from The Window Film Company

May 18, 2018

Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company


A little while ago I was discussing window options with a good friend who had just had a quote for shutters on a bay window and been amazed at the price. It seemed amazing that stylish solutions for privacy that didn’t break the bank were so scant on the market. Bar net curtains and fairly pedestrian frost film there weren’t many options. I have of course seen patterned frosting before, my parents even have some, but it always seemed a little beige to me, a bit of a compromise. We have shutters in our home, which we inherited, and they are lovely but come with a price tag to match! 


Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company

The window before installing my new film, I was so sick of seeing those wires as I passed through the hallway.

So how about a company that works with leading design brands to create window film which is actually stylish? Step in The Window Film Company who make a fantastic range of designs to suit modern tastes. As someone who owns pieces by both Mini Moderns & Miss Print in their home, I was delighted to be approached by the Window Film Company, who produce film by both design studios, to try some in my own home and I knew exactly which design I was picking! 

Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company

The Whitby Design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company.

I have loved the Whitby pattern by Mini Moderns for the last five years and have thought about it as a wallpaper option several times. Inspired by 1950’s Lino cuts, Whitby is such a simple, tranquil coastal scene design. I really love it as a film, you can get it in either white on frost or clear on frost. I choose the former as I wanted something which would give a bit of oomph to the hallway window which had always been a bit of a dead space overlooking the brick wall of the next house with its accompanying hanging wires. The white on frost option also has the added benefit of more privacy, but I think that clear on frost in this design would also look fabulous if privacy or obscuring weren’t such an issue, making a play of the designs very linear touchstones. 


Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company

There are so many designs to choose from within The Window Film company’s signature frostbrite range, from collaborations with design firms like MissPrint, Mini Moderns to solo designers Layla Faye, Kate Farley and Lindsey Lang, a host of contemporary design to choose from. They also stock numbers and text, coloured film and solar protection film for new builds, so whatever need you may have, you are sure to find a solution here.

Frontier design by MissPrint

Chevron design from Frostbite range.

So how easy was it to install? Well, if you bear in mind that I am someone who always managed to make a hash of the tacky back when I got to the back on my school books, you can take it as read that if I found it simple it really must be! The company cut the design to size for you, so as long as you have measured your window correctly there’s no need for faffing around with ruler and scissors. I had imagined before trying it that there may not be much room for error, but since you spray both the film and the window first the film is surprisingly maleable. It reminded me in many ways of the self adhesive wallpaper we used in the downstairs toilet which was soaked before being applied to the walls. If you don’t lay the film on exactly right the first time there is still opportunity to correct this. They also supply a squeegee tool for going back over the design to remove any bubbles so it’s pretty hard to get wrong, even for me! And it only took a little over 5 minutes to put up before it was ready to leave to set fully.

Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company

I was super impressed by the price point of this product, you get a considerable bang for your buck in the design stakes. A piece of Mini Moderns Whitby to fit my bottom sash comes in at a little over £29. In fact I was so impressed with it that I sent a picture to my friend encouraging him to have a look at the range as a solution to his window dilemma. With so many designs to choose from I think it’s a bit of a no-brainer and you’re sure to find something to suit the style of most homes and their inhabitants. What do you think? As ever I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 


This post is a collaboration with The Window Film Company. as ever, all opinions are honest and my own, I only choose to work with carefully selected brands that I think will be of interest to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me.