Spring Spruce Ideas with Wayfair

April 19, 2021

Image Credit: Wayfair.co.uk

As the days are getting longer and we move into the warmer months, I’ve teamed up with Wayfair to bring you ‘Spring Spruce Ups’, a collection of advice, inspiration, and little DIY hacks for you to try at home ahead of the spring season in the home. This is my favourite season, and I love switching things up around the home at this time of year, it’s a ritual that, for me, ushers in and celebrates the move towards longer days and more daylight in the home.


A Spring Refresh Q&A with Design Soda


Wayfair: What expert tips do you have when it comes to keeping your home organised and clutter free?


Design Soda: As somebody who bridges the middle ground between minimalism and something more spontaneous and undone, I like to have things I find inspiring around me but the things I choose to display are a very curated edit. I think that the biggest tip for trying to keep your space clutter free is to be realistic about the amount of things you need and use, and plan adequate storage accordingly. I like to vary our storage between steady built-in storage and more ad-hoc pieces like baskets to keep blankets for colder evenings and to stash daily debris like discarded toys from daily family life.


Wayfair: Are there any spruce ups or small refreshes you like to do as we transition from winter into a new spring season?


Design Soda: Changing up your cosier winter fabrics for lighter ones in the spring really changes the atmosphere in the house. In Spring I love changing up my home textiles, heavy fabrics like velvet and wool are cleaned and packed away into storage at the same time as my wardrobe switch, and I wash and unpack items with a lighter feel, linens and neutrals become a part of the ritual of greeting the seasons change in our home. As Spring approaches I make a list of maintenance items that need to be done, a sort of decorators spring cleaning, which ranges from a simple clean of materials and hardware abandoned in winter to tricky things on the snagging list and quick refreshes with a new coat of paint on walls to make them feel fresh again.


Wayfair: When you think about a bedroom refresh, what materials, colours or accents do you like to incorporate and why?


Design Soda:  In bedroom spaces I like to keep things as natural as possible as I find this creates a feeling of calm which is perfect for unwinding in. I like to use linen and wool fabrics, wooden furniture, natural greens on the walls and plants in the space. I try to design bedrooms with as little blue light technology as possible and we don’t keep a television in our own room.


Wayfair: When it comes to bedding, how can people use theirs to spruce up their bedroom while on a budget?


Design Soda: Bedroom textiles have the biggest impact, finding a mix between really simple colours that enhance your scheme and bolder patterns that really sing to you, is a great way to change the feel of a bedroom when rotating the laundry. When shopping on a budget I tend to keep things simple, stripes for example are a classic bed linen look, echoing traditional motifs found on night attire, they can achieve a really chic look on minimal budget.


Design Soda’s Wayfair Picks for the Spring Season


From top to bottom, left to right: Irini Table vase  //  Copenhagen Light Beige Rug  // Resin plant pots  //  Wicker basket set.


With lighter days on the horizon I like to keep my home feeling light and fresh. I am naturally drawn to objects in lighter tones and made from natural materials. I am really into the figurative and abstract trends of recent years, so my favourite pick of the season at Wayfair is from the Irini table vase, by Scandinavian stalwarts of accessible design, Bloomingville. With its organic lines, nod to the artisan and earthy neutral palette, this item would look perfect in a spring refresh around the home.


Design Soda’s Spring Spruce Up Highlight


With each season I like to bring nature into the home, it’s a simple and inexpensive way of capturing the feel of seasons change inside the home. Each year in spring, as nature begins to bloom outdoors, I gather new foliage from the season to make a wreath. I have several wreath making tutorials, for last years Spring wreath I collected a mix of bright blooms and cow parsley to create some very organic and loose arrangements which felt joyful around the home.



Spring Spruce Up Inspiration

Image Credit: Wayfair.co.uk


For anyone planning to spruce up their homes this spring, Wayfair has everything you need for dreamy updates, organisation and more, including storage, home furnishings and decor, lighting, home textiles and rugs.


Tip: It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for potential sales and discounts on Wayfair.


Wayfair Spring Spruce Ups: Wayfair Recommends

Image Credit: Wayfair.co.uk


1.   Adamell Percale Duvet Cover Set Fresh bedding in spring’s most coveted hue – blush

2.   Emikia Desk – An update on your current WFH set up

3. Banael Deco Table Vase – Sculptural trend vase to showcase all your fresh blooms for spring

4. Bicycle Bookends – To support your new and most-loved reads

5. Nuri Accent Mirror – Reflect light around the room now that days are getting longer


This post is a collaboration with Wayfair, thank you for supporting the brands that support me.


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