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Palm House Kew Gardens, picture tour

October 7, 2016

Palm House Kew Gardens, picture tour


Sometimes I feel very spoilt to be living in London, it truly is a labyrinth of beauty. I am always discovering new places to visit, things that have opened, parks unexplored and areas I once knew well, altered.Read More


My pick of cutting garden favourites (& ideas for how to style them)

August 1, 2016

DIY Pineapple vase flower arrangement styling interiors

Image: Design Soda


It’s the first day of August and right now Mother Nature is putting on quite a show in our garden, flowers are everywhere in abundance. We’ve been celebrating each new bloom by bringing them into the home throughout July and I’ve been watching what thrives best and looks well within our interior style. I’m over the moon to have a garden to grow flowers in, not only are they much cheaper than florists and fresher too but there’s something really pleasing about watching your blooms come from shoots and blossom on top of which I love the smell and they are great for your wellbeing in a space. I’ve been reading Holly Becker’s Decorate with Flowers this month (which  I highly recommend) and last week I was at a brilliant workshop put together by bloomon on modern flower arrangements so I thought I’d put together some of the top tips I’ve learned and some styling ideas for if you fancy growing a cutting garden but don’t know where to start. I’ve had window boxes and front garden pots for years so I have some tried and trusted faves along with new additions that I’m now able to grow in our outdoor space and work really well indoors.Read More


Through the Aperture – The Great Outdoors

July 18, 2016

Japanese Sago Palm - Plants on PinkSago Palm on Pink

Confession time, today was supposed to be a post on our living room update but it isn’t quite finished (for various very boring reasons) so I am posting a few summery pics instead. This weather has been amazing the last few days, perfect temperatures, light and of course nature in abundance. From the crinoline blush of the pink poppies in my garden to the hot house bananas in Lisbon, nature is creating a dream right now. House tour will roll out on Wednesday if you can hold your breath til then (insert your favourite cheeky faced emoji here)!Read More


Faux foliage: Ten of the Best

April 8, 2016

artificial boston fern jungalow plants on pink

It may seem a little irregular to be writing this post just as Spring blooms with real botanical gems, even more so when we’ve just done our first bit of proper gardening in our first ever garden, but this trend is everywhere right now and I can’t help being a little intrigued. In my family home growing up house plants were a bit of a staple and I have to admit I winced a little as I kept coming across them in home decor as they make me think of a slightly hippy-ish strand of the eighties which feels at odds with my personal style. I love the idea of plants, I love the fact that they detoxify pollutants, can neutralise your carbon footprint and at their best they can look very lush.


Through The aperture: Columbia Rd Flower Market

March 17, 2014

columbia road flower market picture scrapbook

If you are looking for something to do during a Sunday in high Spring and you want to be immersed in a wash of colour and smells then I can recommend nothing more highly than Columbia Rd Flower Market in East London. Amongst the hubbub of thronging people, the soundtrack of cockney stall holder patter and enough young and trendy to fill your boots you will come across the most overwhelmingly colourful array of flowers & plants at very reasonable prices. The street is dressed by lots of trendy cafes and home boutiques but really this road on a Sunday morning is all about flowers, flowers flowers.Read More