Design Crush #6

September 19, 2015

brass-flower-ceiling-light-lotus-rockett-st-george (2)Image: Rockett St George


I love to find a bargain version of an expensive piece and no-where is this more true than with this recent discovery above.  I tend to have disgustingly expensive taste in lights and find sourcing things within budget really challenging, but also hold to the design adage that spending on certain things is a necessity for overall look.  Almost 2 years ago I featured a vintage light I have been in love with ever since. The Hollywood Regency Lotus light by Feldman is the last word in brass beauty as far as I’m concerned, I love its form, it’s bohemian opulence. It would look stunning as a stand alone piece in any space but especially in, say, a hallway. Alas the originals go for such a hefty price and are usually only for sale in America so they have been a rather wistful £1,000 glint in my eye. To my joy, there have been quite a few copies of it in recent months, the first was from Antroplogie which was a good effort but felt too bulky, then I saw that M&S Home are due to launch this one in October, which I like but think may be a tad too shiny for a repro. I felt a little princess and the pea, until I saw this (above & below) at Rockett St George, its fabulous and the detail really hits the mark, its not as bulbous as its 1930’s inspiration but at £120 it’s a definite on the list of things to go in the new hallway of our soon to be new home.


brass-flower-ceiling-light-lotus-rockett-st-georgeImage: Rockett St George




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