Design Trend – 2014 Bohenian Yarn

March 20, 2014

Modern Bohemian interior style home trend

I absolutely love the carnival tones and eclectic patterns of a trend I am choosing to call  bohemian yarn until somebody informs me of what the actual design term will be. We are all accustomed to the design staples of old – global traveller and modern bohemian but there is a real focus on the craft of design in the current trend and an eclecticism that doesn’t merely suggest a hint of the hippy trail installed in the villa of a Notting Hillbilly to me, I am absolutely smitten with it. Its a look that I have found a lot on American sites, perhaps the inevitable conclusion to the huge chevron home trend of the last few years, this look is inspired by Native American pattern, and has steadily been gathering pace as a 2014 trend. Everywhere from clothes, accessories, homewares and furnishings, intricate precision embroidery and bold embellishment is a hallmark of 2014.

Our bedroom is a more or less classic white Nordic style space with accents of homemade and artisan. When I was planning its look I kept getting drawn towards examples of this trend so I thought I’d share some of the inspirations and favourite pieces I came across. The images above are all from Pinterest, I love the use of just a dash of ikat, geometric or homespun, it is so effective when used sparingly. Some are American so I used them as purely design nods but there is also a fair spread of pieces coming onto the market in the UK, what fun!


Anthropologie Arrows, SFGirlByBay Native American Blankets, embroidered chairs Peter & Sally Nencini

1. These beautiful textiles were hunted out by SFgirlbybay in a new vintage store in Portland called The Maven Collective. 2. I love the inventive use of spring colours on these arrows over on the US Anthropologie blog. 3&4. This native American inspired hand embroidered chair created by Peter & Sally Nencini and featured on the Habit of Art blog is absolutely charming.

Native american Anthropologie Etsy Homespun Charm

1. I love this Anthropologie duvet that was available last spring, it was on my wishlist for ages, sadly available no longer. 2. This rather brilliant wooden oar is available through A Rum Fellow who are one of my favourite stores on Etsy, priced at £115. 3. I am trying not to feature the various apparel on my wishlist but this one makes the cut, £33.91 by Where The Moon Goes on Etsy.Native American inspired crafts

We have used a few Native American inspired crafts in our bedroom (more of soon) these are two which I love but haven’t attempted yet. 1. The first is by very clever store display designer Haley Ann Robinson, you can find her link at The Moccasin Telegraph here 2. The second was one of many variations on the same theme that abounded around Valentines day, this  one from Something Splendid blog was my very favourite.

Modern Bohemian interior style

1. If I don’t buy these fabulous coasters £6 each from Anthropologie before they sell out I will be sorely disappointed. 2. This hand drawn and embroidered family mythology on Carmen Segovia’s blog is both stunning and truly inspirational. 3. This simple feather arrow print is available to download and print by Printable Wisdom on Etsy for £3.08.


kip and co croc desert geometric quilt cover beddingRuby Roost Wooden arrows H&M Jacquard weave cushions native american

1. As featured in this month’s Livingetc, this sumptuous duvet from Australian company Kip & Co is not available in the UK yet, but costs $209 Australian Dollars. 2. I absolutely adore these mahogany veneer summer camp style arrows made in Philadelphia and available in the UK through Ruby Roost for £36. 3. This Jacquard weave Cushion is a snip from H&M Home at £12.99

Etsy Urban Outfitters native american modern bohemian style


1. Another beauty from Anthropologie’s stable sadly no longer available is this gorgeous Jacinto pillow. 2. This Triangle Weave rug is an absolute bargain from Urban Outfitters for £18, it was such a steal I clicked purchase before it ran away. 3. I love this brooch £13.99 from Core Jewellery at Etsy, it would fit in perfectly on my wall of trinkets in the bedroom. 4. Another stunning chair, this is another piece from A Rum Fellow a Yucay 1960’s Danish Chair with Handwoven Peruvian Tribal Textile Upholstery priced £345.

Native american Textiles cushions rugs

1. Native American Tapestry brights kiln cushion $44.95 at Le Souk. 2. Understated Gandia Blasco Rhombus Cushion by Patricia Urquiola at Heals for £165. 3. The very most beautiful rug I have come across, this colour popping rug is also from Le Souk who have a phantasmagoria of woven rugs in this style, this one retails at $799. 4&5. Both courtesy of Heals new season, bottom left is the Minds Eye Chevron Linen cushion £75 and bottom right is Tori Murphy Elca Linen On Black Cushion, I absolutely love this one, £65.

Native american headress bisson, fabric embellishment, wigwam tipee teepee

1. It’s almost cheating as I’ve featured this Bison before but it is one of my favourite things in the bedroom so I will plug it again, designed by Sandra Diekman, it comes emblazoned on a range of objects, the A4 print is £11 from Curiouser & Curiouser. 2. I love this snippet of fabric featured on this blog which photographs close-ups of stitch.  3. Who didn’t have a wigwam made out of a clothes horse and old blankets as a child? Now you can buy the most intricate and beautiful ones for play, I rather like this simple English one by…West Elm Textiles

1&2. Both new in at West Elm UK, the first is the Watercolour Tide Wool Rug – Horizon £479.00, the second is this rather fabulous Frayed Diamonds Cushion for £34  3. I love this wooden arrow chain, £4.50 by AGirlCalledBoz on Etsy.

Native american Textiles

1. A gorgeous example of weaving by Hannah Waldron, her work can be found here. 2. I just love this dusty pink Heavenly Rose blanket, handmade in Tunisia and only $68.95 at Le Souk. 3. A great price point of £15.43, I love this bold Ikat Linen Cushion.

Native american inspired home design

And I finish where I started with a small selection of the zillion pins on this theme which can be found on my Pinterest board here.




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