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July 18, 2018

atelier CPH print


One of the things I’m commonly asked about (especially over on instagram) is where I bought particular posters in our home. And it occurs to me that affordable mass produced art is something we all find a little difficult. Nobody wants a wall filled with cliche or overly produced identikit art, but at the same time most of us (me included) don’t have a budget of £1,000, or even £500, to trot off to the nearest studio or affordable art fair and purchase an original.


Lane by post Print



Art is a really personal choice, it can say so much about us in a seconds glance, equally it can fall into the category of simple interior design solution, a way to complete a space, tie it together, so that we have something nice to look at on our walls, with no more depth than just that – a wall filler.


Paper Collective at Menu Townhouse

Silhouette 02 from Paper Collective.


There are lofty arguments that eschew cheaper mass produced art (twentieth century doyenne of cultural criticism Walter Benjamin I’m especially looking at you!) and for this reason I tend to avoid any reproductions by the masters. But outside of this one rule I don’t recognise rules as we all need something pretty on our walls whatever our budget!


Wall of art SE

Intrusion by Lovisa Hager from Wall of Art.



In the post-internet age of modern mass production we have multiple options, maybe too many, it can feel limiting when the market is so swamped with choice. Do you buy prints direct from graphic designers, download printables, invest in real work by young artists at around the £100 mark on Etsy, or pick up a poster for a fiver at Ikea, the choice is as unlimited as you want it to be.


One Must dash print

I do, I do, I do print by One Must Dash Studio.

Coco lapine print

Jardin D’Hiver by Coco Lapine.


So today, dotted throughout this piece, I’m sharing some of my current favourite pieces within the easily affordable bracket from the sites that I use when I’m looking for a piece of art for either myself or a client. Some are giant websites with thousand of options like Desenio, others particular designers and small design studios I go to time and again – Atelier CPH, Tom Pigeon, Fine Little Day, Coco Lapine & Lane by Post being reliable stalwarts. I also recommend looking outside the lines of traditional prints, for example Cavalini do some brilliant wrapping papers that reproduce vintage designs and can look great when framed giving them a lot more bang than their buck has earnt!


fine little day prints

My Place by Fine Little Day.

One Must dash print

Geometric Face print by ByCDesign.


Scandinavian Pieces

I tend to shop in the mid price range of £30-£60 on prints I love, and as with many things I find that our Scandinavian cousins are a great source of design and style, I often use Opumo, Poster Club, Paper Collective and Desenio. Just be careful with these beautiful Scandinavian sites, some of them don’t ship to the U.K as I recently discovered when setting up an account with Wall of Art, who offer Storbritannien as a postal option before dashing your hopes at the checkout.

Splashing the Cash
If I am feeling glad with the cash then one of my favourite places to look for wonderfully colourful unique and original prints is Brighton store Unlimited who have an online site too. And another great company recently on my radar are Surface View who produce really high quality designs from the collections of some of the worlds best galleries, you can have the designs produced on many kinds of media and I’m partcilatlr drawn to the giant cancas prints from their ARCHITYPE range

norm architects leaves for moebe

Floating Leaves by Norm Architects for Moebe.

Texture is everything:
If walls could talk, mine will definitely tell you that they are not just for plain 2-D prints. Adding texture is a stylists trick to make a space feel more personal.  I like to add texture with favourite plates, old charts and tapestries, entomology, wreaths etc. This adds depth and personality, so if you have a favourite item that you can conceivably see up on the wall, put it there!

ideas and inspiration home decor - Scandinavian bohemian white and soft tones natural elements bedroom

The cheap seats;
Finally, never overlook or discount naff places as a trove for finding art. In the bedroom I have a reproduction of a vintage Virginia Woolf book cover from All Posters that people ask me about all the time. It cost barely over a tenner and there are some real gems on here if you are prepared to trawl past all the band posters!

I’m interested, as this is a topic that so many of us battle with, where do you rate as good places for art? Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Purse Friendly Fabulous Art for the home

  1. Helen

    What a brilliant resource – lots of new places for me to take a look at, thankyou!

    One of my favourite places for contemporary prints is eastendprints.co.uk. And I also love that on Etsy many artists also produce high quality giclee prints of their original artworks. I’m currently (still! – very indecisive) coveting a print by Lola Donoghue, although it’s still quite an investment as it’s a large size.


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