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Design Trend – 2014 Bohenian Yarn

March 20, 2014

Modern Bohemian interior style home trend

I absolutely love the carnival tones and eclectic patterns of a trend I am choosing to call  bohemian yarn until somebody informs me of what the actual design term will be. We are all accustomed to the design staples of old – global traveller and modern bohemian but there is a real focus on the craft of design in the current trend and an eclecticism that doesn’t merely suggest a hint of the hippy trail installed in the villa of a Notting Hillbilly to me, I am absolutely smitten with it.Read More


Typography Homewares

March 8, 2014

Typography Homewares Arne Jacobsen, Vintage Art Deco French Postcard Book, Monopoly Typefont Fleet Street

Typography has been courting time in vogue for the last few years prompting books and articles on the meaning of type choice as signifier of personality and lifestyle with the design aware set. I fully admit that I have a slightly more than casual interest in this too and have picked up a fair few typographic homewares for the apartment, including the trinkets above. In the modern world we are bombarded by type fonts, they create brand and identity and this has been translated in a plethora of ways by home design from old adverts to art work taking in many kinds of trinkets along the way.Read More


The Edit

February 6, 2014

Heals Think Pink - Pastel Pink Baines Side Table Powder Coated - Bitossi Clessidre Timer - Imogen Heath Rosa Pink Tray

My favourite things at the moment: The new Pink edit at Heals, Bison in Native American headdress poster, Ostheimer, Grand Hotel Budapest and Embers by Sandor Marai.Read More