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May 30, 2013

Nigella Yoghurt Pot Cake Miniature Bundt


My favourite things right now: Nigella yoghurt pot mini bundt cakes, English Rose Spitfire vintage kitchens, Next Home Industrial Stool, Natural History Museum Butterfly enclosure.

  1. How my miniature Yoghurt Pot Ciambella looked, they tasted a bit stodgy as I’d run out of corn flour but there is something so infinitely cute about miniature baking.The recipe is taken from Nigella, note if you watch the Nigellisima recipe online bear in mind that she doesn’t add the plain flour quantity in the recipe on camera – I learnt this to my cost with my first full size attempt!Nigella Yoghurt Pot Cake Miniature Bundt

  2. The re-opening of the butterfly house at the Natural History Museum for the summer, entomology paradise!
  3. We are in the middle of our kitchen re-fit at the moment so are covered in dust and I have found full on kitchen-envy via an episiode of ITV’s May The Best House Win. I may watch more of this show than I care to admit (Ok I actually tape it), usually the homes aren’t really my bag but sometimes you stumble across someone with something truly amazing, as is the case with photographer Neil (from last Thursdays episode – watch here). The kitchen was a reclaimed modular kitchen designed by English Rose in the 1950’s who also manufactured Spitfires. The cabinets were made from silver metal with brass handle inserts and the patina on them made them exquisite. I can’t find any pictures online that do this kitchen justice, but below is the nearest:Vintage English Rose Spitfire Modular Kitchen
  4. This Hoxton Stool from Next Home. We genuinely have no-where to put it (and we have a similar one in the study) but I am working on finding a home for it…Next Home Industrial Hoxton Stool

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