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June 6, 2013


My favourite things right now: Memlite 30’s industrial work lamps, Tamasyn Gambell textiles, Lana Del Rey and Apple and Pear cake decorated with Schleich animal figurines in hats.


  1. Tamasyn Gambell textiles, I think these are lovely, unfortunately for me my husband hates them but I am organising them in my head in a secret home where I dictate all design decisions. Luckily for me she also makes notebooks…Tamasyn_Gambell Eames Chair and cushions tamasyn-gambell-textiles-cushions Tamasyn Gambell Textiles Lampshades
  2. Not being able to get into my kitchen properly at the moment to bake, I have been looking back at things I have baked in the last few months. I came across this which made me laugh. Its an almost sugar free Pear and Coconut cake made when my best friend returned from travelling in South America – OK the fox wasn’t entirely in keeping with the theme!Pear and coconut celebration cake with schleich animal figurines in party hats
  3. Hooray for perseverance, after 6 months I have finally won an original Memlite task lamp from the 30’s on eBay. I’ve had this saved on search for so long and had given up on getting one for the price I’d set. Now to spend hours looking for a suitable flex to re-wire it with…   Memlite-Grey-enamel-Idustrial-task-lamp-desj-study-factory-vintage
  4. Listening to Lana Del Rey in the sunshine in the garden, total girls music and all the songs seem to be about kissing or getting high but I still unashamedly love them.
  5. And finally, a special 5th choice place for the week. The new series The Call Centre – Happy People Sell on BBC3. Think David Brent running The Only Way Is Essex, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a tv show especially one about real lives. Ricky Gervais tweeted afterwards ‘I honestly don’t remember writing it, but I must have, surely? I think it’s my best work. But I can hardly watch it. #TheCallCentre’. Watch here.



2 thoughts on “The Edit:

    1. godardgirl

      Bless you Kat, I shall have to find another theme for when you go to South Korea! That’s really cool, have you seen the Penguin postcards range of classic authors? – it’s another one of my many plans for the upstairs hallway to frame them. xxx


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